Hello Universe.  Here it is.  The Work.  Whatever I have to give, whatever words there are to share, if there really is anything there, then these are them and this, at last, is it.

At least this is where it begins…

My name is David and I am an ape-descended life form, as far as I can tell.  It seems that the process is far from complete.  Maybe that makes me a semi-evolved creature and if this is true then it explains a great deal.

And so my work is a life in progress.  A wave, as yet unbroken.  Unfinished business.

There is, after all, a pretty definite end to this particular plot-line, this tiny sub-story in the Human Chronicle, and it is with total recognition of the aforementioned end which I now feel compelled to begin.

It’s now or never; and since whatever time we find ourselves in is always going to be now, there will never be a time more right, more ripe, than this one.

Now.  I wonder…

Why have I not begun this work before?  Let’s have a look…


Reasons/Excuses not to write (with antidotes)

I need to develop my ideas more before sharing them.
– Maybe there will never be a perfect time.  Let’s face it.  There won’t be.  The happy converse of this realization is, of course that every time is the perfect time, including right now.
– Writing and all language are not about creating a finished product but singing in an ongoing song, conversing in a dialogue.  And if I don’t open my mouth soon, it might seize up.
– If I find some kind of outlet for the words which flow in maddening spirals through my cramped and crowded mind, which I have labelled “my” ideas, then maybe it will help them to flow out, offering some relief and possibly even (dare I think it?) peace…

People might think my ideas are stupid.
– Who cares?  Who am I doing this for?  Am I some kind of teacher?  I just need to do this.
– Those people who do think they’re stupid may in fact be misunderstanding (or stupid) themselves.
– Even if they’re right, I’m still going to write…

I might write something and then later decide I don’t agree with it any more.
– This is, of course, completely inevitable.
– As mentioned above; this writing is a dialogue.  It’s organic.
– Ideas evolve.  People grow.  I expect that, looking back, much of what I write now will seem immature and silly to a me in the future.  Should I just wait til the future comes and I’m older and wiser and then start writing?  Yes, I can hear how ridiculous that sounds.

I might write something which makes people stop reading.
– I have to start writing so there’s something for people to read in the first place!

No-one wants to hear what I’ve got to say
– Who cares?  Who is this for?
– Even if no-one reads my blog it’s going to be a good place for me to collect my ideas.
– The Universe, on some level, is listening.
– If everything I do and say and make is a product of the Infinite Divine Patterning Energy of Universe
then; it’s all beautiful and valuable.

I don’t know what to call my blog.
– My Ravings
– Learning to Give
– My Blog
– Some words on a page, at last
– Whatever comes into my head

I don’t have time.
– I can make time
– All I have is time.

I should be doing other things.
– Like What?
– I can do whatever feels right, and this feels right!
– Once this river is flowing, my mind will be less filled with the stagnating fluff caused by unexpressed ideas.  Then I will easily be able to do other things; whatever I want.

My ideas have become so convoluted, from years of stagnation, without an outlet, that they’re no good any more.
– Then it may be about time I let them out!
– Once they start flowing, they will crystalize, then melt and reform, grow and evolve.
– Feedback is only possible if I let these animals out and see how they play with the other creatures out there.  This is the best way to help them grow.  Conversations are the best inspiration.  Always the content becomes more concise, by necessity, for mutual understanding
– Bring them out into the light!  Then they can be dusted off and breathed new life!


At last!  The words are flowing.  More will follow.  Any more excuses that emerge will be dealt with in a similar fashion.

If anyone in the Universe is listening; thank you, and good luck!

Love and best wishes
from David