It’s not always easy to remember the blessings we are constantly receiving as we explore and grow in our complex lives, and there are so many compelling and diverse distractions!
Aren’t there?!
I mean, just think of the internet for one…

There are so many tools, so many choices, so many views…
So many pictures on facebook.

It’s almost a surprise… a genuinely pleasant surprise to discover, remember, and find our inner gifts… waiting for us… in the silence…

because there’s so much noise!

Sometimes we just have to stop…
and listen
and be aware…
in the quietness
of the unbounded space
which still… exists… still…
and remembering
is difficult… to forget…

that’s right…

So easy… when we find… the time…
is all… right… here…

waiting for us…
All the time we’re seeking…
all the freedom
all the space… the boundless space
is here
right where
it’s always been

inside us
around us
the very atoms of our body
the very space between the stars
the very silence in the noise of traffic and hum of fans and air conditioning

hypnotic poetry
is just one method
only one way of remembering
the many ways
we have,
all ways, available to us,
all the time


it’s really true
it’s easily real
to realize
and realizable now in the moment

for now in the moment we’re easily free
and freely move easily now
with nowness comes freedom
and freedom is free

explore within
loving and welcomingly

words words words and more
allowing our minds to fall under the spell
the spell of the letters
the letters are shining
the shining arrests our attention so well

and that’s OK!

in fact it’s OK
and it’s true
that it may be
the natural way

we naturally follow
the thread of the story
the lines of the letters
the line of the thread

hopefully, wrapped up in words we proceed
and maybe we’re going down
deep in the head
deep to the source
of the bubbles which surface
deep where the source of the thoughts have no purpose
purposeless thoughts in the source of our being
formless but forming
stormless and storing
stories are forming
while we sleep we’re snoring

while words can be boring
and formless and senseless
where the ice is now thawing

the problems of being too frozen we’re solving
frozen from fear which we know is not founded

Even forgotten,
outdated realities
what have we found
what will we find?
there’s so much here
deep in the mind
deep in the mind
deep in the mind
deep in the silence
down in the depths

sometimes we fear
what arises from here

what are we really?
are we divine?
are we the beings we feel we can be?
and what if we are…?

does that mean we’re perfect?

can we include that which is found inside?

there’s no sense
of feeling the silence
of knowing the nothingness
emptiness is endless
infinite and boundless
why do we continue?
what is the source of this?
fireworks in deep time?
eternal and infinite
endless and wonderous
the wonderness
the wonderness

wilder in the wonderness
the wonderless and lumberness
the forests are not lumberless
as people are not fleshless

do you want to eat less?

maybe good to heat less the atmosphere and doubtless
the good we hear
is fruitless
the bad we hear is endless
the media is friendless
the poor young thing
alone and lost
afraid and focussed on the cost of keeping up the payments on the bills that we inherited
but what
about the one’s we bless?
where to found that we are blessed?
where is left
where is left?
who’s the one who’s passed the test?
who’s the child, truly blessed
are we really parentless?
wandering in wilderness?

weren’t there others in the past?
what about the animals?
what about the powerful?
not the fearful presidents
the ones who trully made the best of everything they found around
everyone remember NOW

EVERY one…. remembers now
everyone. remember:  NOW the moment of power is here
the moment of power is here
the present we never received
the present we thought, that we’d never received
where is it?
where are we?
we’re here and it’s endless
we’re here and we’re nearly re-forging connections

CAN’T YOU FEEL IT?  ?!?!?!

there’s something surfacing
something so subtle
when felt from the surface
the surface is rippling
the sounds they are rumbling
the mountains and crumbling
they’re moving and breathing and flowing and bubbling
mountains are bubbling

do you find that troubling?
energy doubling.

the ones who remember
the ones who remember
remember the words which are wordless in side us
wordlessly spoken
wordlessly spoken
wordless re-verberates inside the broken and scattered
the scattered completeness
the message continues
the message is here
it’s always here
it’s always been here

just where you remember
just where you remember
the source
remembering sauce
the origin
remembering sometimes
is not always so easy
remember your source
or so lost in the sauce
remember the sauce
or you’re lost in the sorcery
lost in the sorcery
lostin the sourcery
sourcerers fearfully
fearing the future
and fearing the fear
fearing the feelings of feeling their feelings

and feeling the fears we may
feel with compassion
feeling the fears we may feel with compassion
feeling the fears we may feel with compassion

feeling the feelings of fearings and battles
and pain
the pains of a screaming herd
what’ve you heard?
what’ve you heard?
just another low
comes from the cattle

new low
new low
new lowing keeps flowing

nothing really new here
all sounds the same
from the source of the fear
you know that it’s nothing
there is no source of fear
there’s nothing new here
because there’s nothing growing here
nothing grows in the sourcelessness of fear

we must be resourceful
regenerate life
allow mind to matter
to make it its wife
matter the mother
maternally ready
receiving the piercing cry with compassion
open and ready
open and ready
soft and receiving
nurturing life
nurturing life
regeneration is nurturing growth
nurturing growth
encouraging growth
healthy growth

mind and matter
we need them both
mind and matter
we are them both
we are them both
the soul is whole
when it’s filling the body, being the body
we are the body
not a possession

not a possession
property rights
to the lights of life
is property right?

I know it’s me
I know it’s me
I know
I know I know you’re me
we’re one you see
we’re one body
we’re one body
the Universal
Universe’ll let me see
the “let me see” of young baby who wants to know what shall she be

what are we?
what are we?

a question indeed
a question of whether we want to be free
and whether we want to be

there is no limit
there is no limit
no limit
no limit
no limit

what we can be
what we are
what we are is what we are we are we are we are?

what?  or ….who?

do you want to be free?
are you one to be free?
do you want to be me or be free and you see that you’ll be what you see when you see perfectly…
do you see?
you can be
all that we
want to be
want to be
want to be
and you’ll wish you were here
on a sphere
in a spin
in a blur
in a blur
I concur and I know that it’s not the answer

It’s the questions we err..
the strokings we purr
poking the urr
receiving the spur to take action and where will that take us?

maybe back where we were…

maybe we may be just back where we were
and back where we were
where we were in the blur
in the blur of the fur
and the teeth
and the feather
one feather
two feathers
the fathers
one feather
two feathers
the ancestors




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