Wouldn’t you want to be a wizard?

A wizard of Truth?
a wizard of Peace?
a wizard of forests?
and a wizard of Life?

Wizard of Earth
and Wizard of Water
Wizard of Fire
and of Air and of Ether

Wizard of Elements!
Wizard of Light
Wizard of Seasons and Wizard of Time
Now only a wizard of timelessness
Wouldn’t you want to be wizard?

Wizards of words
wizards of learning
wizards of sharing
and wizards of power and

Wouldn’t you want to be Wizard?

Wizard of Love?
Wizard of Being
a wizard of sight and
a wizard of seeing

wizard of sound
wizard of music
wizard of waves
wizard of smoke

wizard of grasses
wizard of gardens
a wizard of creatures
and a friend of the spirits

as wizards of Sky
and wizards of Sea
wizards of Space
and wizard of spacelessness

Spaceless and Timeless
wizard of blissfulness

Wizard of freedom and wonder and joyfulness
boundless bountiful
wonderfully curious

Prosperous, generous, dancing and selfless
endless and fearless and One with the Universe

Wizard of wizards
and of all existence
Wouldn’t you want to be one, to be this
wonderfully wonderful wizard?