Praise and Damnation for David Ashwanden:

“A Supreme example of tabloid television.”
– Jesus Christ

“A Cult Leader!  Insant Classic.  The Work of David Ashwanden represent a high-water mark in the world of poetry, linguistic analysis and divine intervention”
– A brainwashed disciple

“A towering genius”
– A blithering fool

“An uncultured baboon!”
– Small boy at London zoo

“Beautiful, Breathtaking”
– Sunset Witness

“I couldn’t breathe!”
– Near-drowning victim

“David Ashwanden is a deranged and trigger-happy lunatic who abuses the English language with reckless abandon.  He is a madman with no care for common decency, nor consideration for the rules of grammar and certainly without the sense to know when to stop.  Steer clear!”
– David Ashwanden