The Earth is alive
Nature is alive
We are like cells in the greater body of Nature

“We did not create the web of life, we are more a strand in it”
– Chief Seattle

I believe that Nature is continually communicating with us.  We need to be in touch with her (our wider self) and recognize and accept our unity with her if we are to feel good, and restore our lost feelings of wholeness, and connection.  Our existence is dependent on the health and wellbeing of our larger body and on our relationship to it.

We are beginning to remember this.  And accept our oneness with nature.  In this acceptance and appreciation we understand the communication we are continually receiving from the deep well of intelligence.

I believe that only by recovering this awareness can we embody and realize the abundant and joyful world which our collective unconscious has been imagining since we can remember.


With thanks to David Abram: