I’ve been feeling frustrated for a while and now I’m realising I need to be more disciplined and follow my path without holding back but listening to the voice of inspiration and having faith in my journey, and my calling, even when I can hear the negative voices, they’re just illusiory, they’ve got nothing to back them up.
I know that the only real power is Love and that whatever I do from my True giving, loving centre is supported by the universe in ways I can never predict or comprehend.  My courage is always rewarded, when I take risks in order to give my gifts then the whole of nature is on my side, in a secret conspiracy which brings me all I need to do the work I’m inspired to do!
If I’m feeling that feeling I can take a step over a seeming abyss and birds will come and support my feet.  And it’s always joyous and tingling, sparkling with excitement and glowing with an inner light.

These words I’m singing for me I suppose but I hope you enjoy it.  Everything we all are is infinitely complex and beautiful and simple as well and ultimately it’s all part of a beautiful dance, like the play of moonlight on the sea and the dance of a flame or the falling rains and we can enjoy to watch and participate, always remembering…

“Nothing lasts but nothing is lost…” <– Shpongle

The healing treehouse village is still some way down the line but it’s one of these things which is destined to happen.  It’s a forest of healing and celebration.  Connecting to nature to allow ourselves to feel our oneness with everything, and then naturally allowing the loving of ourselves and our world and having beautifully loud and quiet parties to celebrate this moment with people we love.  Tell us your dreams and we can weave them together!  What is a home?  what does paradise look like?  and smell like and taste like?

anything is possible, in fact I think it’s pretty much inevitable!